Detainee escaped from Bagdasar Arseni Hospital, caught by authorities in Sector 1 of the Capital

She is alert in the Capital! A dangerous detainee, sentenced to 23 years in prison for robbery, escaped from Bagdasar Arseni Hospital, where he was hospitalized for medical investigations. The man ran away in shorts and a white robe, and now the police are looking for him everywhere. The management of the Rahova Penitentiary appeals to the population for any information regarding the person in question.

It's cold all over Europe: our economic engine is starting to fail

Germany is known regionally and globally as the economic engine of Europe. Unfortunately for all of us, the German economy seems to have some pretty big problems, and this can have negative consequences for many other states.

What questions should you ask in the interview to make a good impression?

In general, during job interviews, the recruiter asks questions. As an employee, you can expect to be asked why you want a job at that company, what your expectations are from your work environment, from your superiors, who are your salary claims or you may even be in trouble with some practical issues.