What questions should you ask in the interview to make a good impression?

If you are planning to apply for certain jobs in the next period and are preparing for the big test, the interview, you should know that it is very important that you address your potential. to the employer certain questions.

In general, during job interviews, the recruiter asks questions. As an employee, you can expect to be asked why you want a job at that company, what your expectations are from your work environment, from your superiors, who are your salary claims or you may even be in trouble with some practical issues.

However, very rarely do candidates ask questions, and this is very wrong.

Human resources experts argue that people who ask questions in job interviews are more likely to be accepted, to the detriment of those who do not. Why? The explanation is as simple as can be. The employer perceives the questions as a sign of your interest in work, in the company, in being the right person in the right place.

It is impossible not to be curious about the company in which you are interviewing, what exactly your job will entail, or the team you will be working with. If a person really does not show any curiosity, it means that he is disinterested or superficial. Obviously, no employer will see this as a positive one and will disqualify you from other candidates who are more curious than you.

But what should you ask? To begin with, you should be aware that you are not allowed to ask any questions that you should have answered without hesitation, since you presented yourself at that interview. For example, you cannot ask the employer to whom you sent a resume and for whom you want to work: "What does the company do?" Since you are in the process of being part of that organization, it would be natural for you to know at least the field of activity, if you did not send your CVs at random, to any email address. got in the way or at any job posting, without even reading it.

If you are curious about what kind of questions you can ask, so that they are to your advantage, eJobs experts recommend the following approach:

What would be my role in the organization?